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Should You Play Hard To Get

Should You Play Hard To Get

As a dating coach for women I continually get asked about the concept of playing hard to attract men. Read my advice on this popular technique… I would begin by stating that you should be very cautious when playing hard to get. This tactic to attract men does work in certain circumstances ...

Tons Of Men Looking For Women

Tons Of Men Looking For Women

Men Want To Meet You There are many men looking for women and I bet you are looking for a man, yet you still haven’t met each other… If There Are So Many Men Looking For Women And Vice Versa, Why Is It So Hard? Most of the single women I know don’t have trouble […]

Does He Like Me Or Not?

Does He Like Me Or Not?

Wondering If He Likes You? Is this your situation? He seems to do and say all the right things; you spend time together, cooking, watching movies, going for walks and more. The problem is, you are still unsure if he likes you… Does He Like Me or Not? The reality is, there are many men ...

Finding Mr Right

Finding Mr Right

Day after day of being alone searching singles websites and feeling disgusted at never finding Mr Right. Meeting what seems to be the same type of people on an endless string of first dates. You are not alone in feeling like finding a mate is an arduous chore that taxes your brain and wreaks ...

Why Am I Still Single?

Why Am I Still Single?

Does This Sound Familiar? After years of watching friends get married, attending baby showers, while doing your best to change this, you are still single and it hurts! Everywhere you see happy couples. When out shopping there are couples holding hands, at the movies, couples making out. Hell, ...

Should I Date An Older Guy

Should I Date An Older Guy

Many women I know date older guys and I’m not just talking a couple of years either – Men in their late 40's and 50's with 20 year olds hanging off them are a fairly common sight…. The Older Man Appeal So what is it about the appeal of the older man and can you […]