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Does He Like Me

Does He Like Me

Wondering does he like me and will he ask me to be his girlfriend or will he break my heart? We get it!

What happens when you finally meet him, the man you think you’ve been searching for? You have his attention, had a few conversations, perhaps went on a couple of dates, or even more… You still want to know though, does he like me, or is he simply playing me for a fool…

Men in the past have shown interest but then backed right off. What if he ALSO just wants a good time, to have a fling and then move on? That would hurt, especially if he looks good, ticks the boxes and makes ME feel all special!

not sure if he like me

There is Risk in Playing The Dating Game…

You see the dating game is a scary one. You must risk a lot in order to gain, a partner, a happy relationship with a good man. You want to put the single life behind you and settle down with “Mr Right”, you must risk!

The problem is, when you finally do meet him, after the long slog, that endless search, those painful dates with below average men, when you eventually come across “Mr Right”, you are left wondering, does he like me or am I going to be left with a broken heart?

Don’t You Hate The GREY Zone?

My advice is to not get too ahead of yourself, and be aware that in the early stages of dating, things can fall away rather quickly. There is a lot of uncertainty in the dating game and until some time has passed allowing him to show his true intentions through commitment, you don’t really have much and won't be sure if his genuine.

He may be one of those guys playing the field, not looking for a partner or he simply isn't sure – yet!. Who knows, like I said, time will tell…

Be in the Moment Instead of Wondering Does He Like Me…

Get through the dating game with advice from dating coach colin dubb

I know you have heard this countless times, that is to try to be in the moment, to take each day as it comes… Trust me, it really is the best way to deal with this. If you are too intense to early on, wondering all the time does he like me, and then pushing him hard for a relationship… This will ultimately scare him off!

Rather being in the moment, allowing things to progress slowly, and showing him that you’re willing to give it some time (a bit of time) will bring out his true intentions. If he genuinely likes you the relationship will mature. If he was never that into you than he will move on and there was never anything you could do to keep him around.

Dating is About Playing it Safe

In the early stages of dating you must play it safe until you know where you stand. Do not over commit to him both emotionally and physically. Let him lead and show his intentions and when you receive positive signs of TRUE interest, you can reciprocate. This way he leads but you allow it as opposed to pushing him… Can you see the difference? Try not to sit around wondering does he like me as it puts you in a powerless place!

I hope you enjoyed this article got some insight into the dating game. I am also available to work with you on a regular coaching basis if you need that extra help. Just simply book online or send through an email.

Thanks again for reading, please leave a comment and stay tuned for more.

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I am writing this testimonial to validate the wonderful services offered by Colin. When he asked me if I would put something on paper I was more than eager as I feel that everybody can gain from coaching. You need a skilled coach with genuine empathy and compassion and this is where Colin comes in. I was nervous when I first began as I had never done this before and was worried it wouldn't work. Over time the more I went into my challenges the more insight I experienced and now I am at a place where i truly believe I can accomplish anything. It did work.  Much more than a dating coach, Colin is like a mentor, a true saving grace for somebody that was in desperate need of guidance. I hope that this testimonial helps you to make a positive decision towards changing your life.

- Sammy, Sydney

Client Feedback

I highly recommend Colin to any person that needs a bit more guidance. Colin is a talented coach and caring and compassionate. I have passed on your details to several friends who are also benefiting from your services. I hope to keep in touch.

- Kristie, Gold Coast

Colin is a hard working and skilled coach who clearly cares about his clients. I would be happy to recommend him based on my own experience.

-Tracey, Sydney

Colin has been more helpful to me than I can express in words. He is professional in his approach and has helped me to find the type of relationship that I’ve always wanted. I was originally referred to him by a female friend who also had a brilliant experience. I am now passing on the referral as to others so the can get the same results. I highly recommend this service to any woman looking for help.

- Sharon, Adelaide