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He Wants To Date Me

He Wants To Date Me

He Wants To Date Me But Do I Like Him?

You think you might like him but on paper there are challenges, different cultures, religion, age bracket, or simply he doesn’t earn the kind of money to give you a lifestyle you crave.  It’s all so confusing…

Am I Superficial Or Sensible?

He Wants To Date Well, this is not for me to answer as this is about you. Are the above criteria enough to question dating him, and if so, is it worth cutting him loose? This is a common case of head and heart conflict. Your gut says he is cool and you and find him attractive. There is chemistry, and can see yourself spending together, but practically, he is not an ideal fit. You have a different vision (and expectation) of what you want in a man, and you always thought you would end up with somebody different!

Those Superficial Qualities.

This is something to think about. If you are young and reading this, feel there is plenty of time to find a man and compromising is not that important, great! You are still young, and are happy to spend time searching for the perfect man. Most likely (overtime) what you deem important today will change tomorrow- and that’s cool! If of the other hand you are fast heading north, time is ticking by and you keep finding problems with the men you meet, it may be time to compromise.

Ultimately What Is Important?

Dating is about priorities and flexibility, something many women lack. I am not saying that you must sell your soul in order to meet someone special, but you also need question why dating is such a challenge. Is it problems in finding good men or does the issue lie with you? Are you too inflexible by continually turning the men away that want to date you?

He Wants To Date!

where to meet a manYou are sitting in front of the screen reading this thinking he wants to date me but what do I do? He doesn’t fit my ideal, but I do like him. I’m not getting any younger and I worry about spending more time alone. Should I pass him up or is it time to compromise?

Take a long hard look at this scenario. Is this an ongoing pattern, one that you continually play out? Write this all down, talk to your friends and try to get more clarity. Some differences are non-negotiable but others, well who knows…  I work with many women dealing with these same types of challenges. This is very common!

Dating Coaching.

If you feel you need some professional guidance, working with somebody that has years of experience in dating and relationships? Check out our coaching packages.

Alternately you can contact us on 1800 753 087.

I hope you found this helpful. Thanks for reading.

Day Game Dating 4 Women

Day Game Dating 4 Women

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Client Feedback

I am writing this testimonial to validate the wonderful services offered by Colin. When he asked me if I would put something on paper I was more than eager as I feel that everybody can gain from coaching. You need a skilled coach with genuine empathy and compassion and this is where Colin comes in. I was nervous when I first began as I had never done this before and was worried it wouldn't work. Over time the more I went into my challenges the more insight I experienced and now I am at a place where i truly believe I can accomplish anything. It did work.  Much more than a dating coach, Colin is like a mentor, a true saving grace for somebody that was in desperate need of guidance. I hope that this testimonial helps you to make a positive decision towards changing your life.

- Sammy, Sydney

Client Feedback

I highly recommend Colin to any person that needs a bit more guidance. Colin is a talented coach and caring and compassionate. I have passed on your details to several friends who are also benefiting from your services. I hope to keep in touch.

- Kristie, Gold Coast

Colin is a hard working and skilled coach who clearly cares about his clients. I would be happy to recommend him based on my own experience.

-Tracey, Sydney

Colin has been more helpful to me than I can express in words. He is professional in his approach and has helped me to find the type of relationship that I’ve always wanted. I was originally referred to him by a female friend who also had a brilliant experience. I am now passing on the referral as to others so the can get the same results. I highly recommend this service to any woman looking for help.

- Sharon, Adelaide