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Online Dating Tips – Photos

Online Dating Tips – Photos

Online Dating is hugely popular and services such as RSVP, eHarmony & Plenty of Fish etc are signing up hundreds of members each month. Read My Photo Tips…

Internet Dating Is a Great Lead Source For Meeting Men And Getting Your Dating Life Back On Track…

I have come to the conclusion that your profile combined with a good photo is paramount. This will save you time by attracting the right type of attention. An honest profile will lead to quality interactions with less UN-welcomed surprises.

The Keys to a Successful Profile are to be Honest, but Interesting Coupled With Some Well Taken Photos.

A lot of profiles are honest but boring. Just like in marketing you need to catch the reader's attention and spike their interest. It's extremely easy to go unnoticed if you offer the same as everybody else. So spend some time and work on your profile.

Photo Shoot For Your Online Dating Profile…

Your photo is very important and I would recommend having a professional photo taken allowing you to highlight your best qualities. I think one of the biggest mistakes is to take a photo using a mirror. I don't know why but this seems to be the norm these days. It's easy but it's lazy and will not do you justice!

If you can't afford a professional photo than at least get a friend to help you out. Ask them to take several shots of you doing a range of activities. For example – boating, surfing, dancing, or whatever it is that you do. It's not so important what they are, but more so that you look like you are having fun. Remember you are competing with other profiles.

I hope you have found this helpful and remember to be honest, express your personality and get some great photos. Feel free to add a ccomment.

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I am writing this testimonial to validate the wonderful services offered by Colin. When he asked me if I would put something on paper I was more than eager as I feel that everybody can gain from coaching. You need a skilled coach with genuine empathy and compassion and this is where Colin comes in. I was nervous when I first began as I had never done this before and was worried it wouldn't work. Over time the more I went into my challenges the more insight I experienced and now I am at a place where i truly believe I can accomplish anything. It did work.  Much more than a dating coach, Colin is like a mentor, a true saving grace for somebody that was in desperate need of guidance. I hope that this testimonial helps you to make a positive decision towards changing your life.

- Sammy, Sydney

Client Feedback

I highly recommend Colin to any person that needs a bit more guidance. Colin is a talented coach and caring and compassionate. I have passed on your details to several friends who are also benefiting from your services. I hope to keep in touch.

- Kristie, Gold Coast

Colin is a hard working and skilled coach who clearly cares about his clients. I would be happy to recommend him based on my own experience.

-Tracey, Sydney

Colin has been more helpful to me than I can express in words. He is professional in his approach and has helped me to find the type of relationship that I’ve always wanted. I was originally referred to him by a female friend who also had a brilliant experience. I am now passing on the referral as to others so the can get the same results. I highly recommend this service to any woman looking for help.

- Sharon, Adelaide