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Phone Dating Tips For Women

Phone Dating Tips For Women

A sad lady sitting by the phone waiting for a phone call from that special guy is an image we have all seen in movies and on tv.

In today’s electronic world, we stalk Facebook, check texts, and refresh our email to see if we have anything from HIM.

It is especially frustrating when after a first date, you don’t hear from him.  Everything seemed to go well and he even gave you a goodnight peck on the cheek. So why won’t he call? Should you call him? It is the 21st century after all! Certainly that old adage about girls not calling boys is gone by now.  It seemed fine, so why won’t he call? Your mind wanders and your imagination takes off.  Maybe he hated you, maybe you are too fat, maybe he’s married, maybe he’s secretly gay.

But did you ever think that maybe it’s not you?

When a guy has an interest in a gal, no amount of confidence can totally cover his fear of rejection and ‘screwing up.’  He wants to call, he knows he should call, but he is fearful so he hesitates.

Truth be told, some guys are just playing the field, or are looking for a fling or lie but the majority of men are just afraid. They feel the same things you women do! Gasp!  Maybe she just pities me, maybe she lied, maybe she’s a gold digger, maybe she’s married.  They feel intense fear when thinking of calling after a date, because you’ve had time to think about things and you may decide that he isn’t worth a second date.

But this couldn’t be farther from the truth, you think!  He was terrific and you want to see him again.  How do you convey that to him? How do you let him know you want to see more of him without looking pushy or desperate? Essentially, how do you even begin to understand the male mind?

Googling for information or talking with girlfriends only goes so far. An internet search yields 1000 different sites with 1000 different opinions.  Girlfriends may only tell you what you want to hear.

Give your dating life a real advantage by enlisting the help of a credible dating authority! 

Dating Coach Colin DubbI am a dating coach with nearly a decade of experience working with men and women to help them be their very best and find that love of a lifetime.  I have counseled hundreds of men and since I am one, I can give insight and information based on my research and experience.  Dating coaches also can help you identify potential strengths and weaknesses so you are always putting your best self out there whether it’s for dating, work or life in general!

Contact me for a consultation and begin the mysterious journey into the male mind!  Your phone will thank you!

Be sure to check out my article library for lots of tips and information to give you the edge in your dating endeavors.

Day Game Dating 4 Women

Day Game Dating 4 Women

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Client Feedback

I am writing this testimonial to validate the wonderful services offered by Colin. When he asked me if I would put something on paper I was more than eager as I feel that everybody can gain from coaching. You need a skilled coach with genuine empathy and compassion and this is where Colin comes in. I was nervous when I first began as I had never done this before and was worried it wouldn't work. Over time the more I went into my challenges the more insight I experienced and now I am at a place where i truly believe I can accomplish anything. It did work.  Much more than a dating coach, Colin is like a mentor, a true saving grace for somebody that was in desperate need of guidance. I hope that this testimonial helps you to make a positive decision towards changing your life.

- Sammy, Sydney

Client Feedback

I highly recommend Colin to any person that needs a bit more guidance. Colin is a talented coach and caring and compassionate. I have passed on your details to several friends who are also benefiting from your services. I hope to keep in touch.

- Kristie, Gold Coast

Colin is a hard working and skilled coach who clearly cares about his clients. I would be happy to recommend him based on my own experience.

-Tracey, Sydney

Colin has been more helpful to me than I can express in words. He is professional in his approach and has helped me to find the type of relationship that I’ve always wanted. I was originally referred to him by a female friend who also had a brilliant experience. I am now passing on the referral as to others so the can get the same results. I highly recommend this service to any woman looking for help.

- Sharon, Adelaide