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Self Image In Dating

Self Image In Dating

Your self image has an effect on your levels of success in life and ending up in a a healthy loving relationship with the man of your dreams is no different…

So let me ask as you… Do you see yourself as the type of woman that is both capable of meeting "Mr Right" and living a long fulfilling life of happiness & success or do you feel on some level that this is simply not possible?

One thing that I know as a dating coach, a person that works on a daily basis with men and women in helping them create and maintain a successful life with a loving partner is that it all starts with the way that you think.

Thinking is a combination of beliefs and these beliefs that you hold of yourself (what you believe is possible or not) is strongly related to your self image.

So What Is A Self Image?

Your self image is basically that, the image that you hold of yourself. When you think about yourself, when you draw an image in your mind of the type of woman that you are and what you see and expect, this image is your self image.

Change Your Self Image

Do you see yourself as successful with men, worthy of a loving relationship and easily capable of connecting with "Mr Right" or sadly does the opposite hold true – are you unlucky in love and destined to be single?

If you believe on some level that meeting men is a difficult process, that ultimately things will not work out and it will all fall apart – this will be a major hurdle for you. The image that you hold of yourself, whether it be one of success and happiness or misery and failure, will ultimately affect your luck with men. If the outlook is bleak, the situation will be bleak!

Your outer world is always a reflection of your inner world and if your outer word is not going the way you want then it is time to look at your inner world. The inner aspects of mind will always affect the outer aspects of your life. As you are within so you are on the out…

Self Awareness Will Set You Free

The place to begin, to go about fixing this is to first take a look at your beliefs and the image that you hold of yourself. Many women are surprised to find that it's not an image of being hopeless in love that came about from a lack of success with men but rather the other way round. A woman holds a strong image of failure and then her outer world corresponds…

So You Want To Begin Fixing This And Making It Work?

Dating Self Image

The solution is self awareness and it's like a favorite saying of mine, "a fish doesn't know it's in water." If you are unaware of what's going on then you're unaware of the causes.

If you want to begin working on your self image, to re-frame beliefs and hold yourself to a higher possibility then you must become aware that you are doing this to yourself, that at this moment you are sentencing yourself to failure by the thoughts that you think. The great news is that through awareness you can change it!!

What Is Dating Coaching?

Besides the practical side to dating coaching, helping you to navigate your way through meeting men, there is a larger picture at play. The coach will challenge you by asking the right questions and helping you discover what's going on in your mind and how your thoughts are the cause of the situation.

A good coach will get you to see what's holding you back, develop self awareness and then instantly help you to change and grow. As the inner aspects of your mind take on a new outlook, a new set of beliefs are formed and your self image begins to shift, the outer aspects of your life (in this case dating) will in-turn correspond and no longer will you live with the frustration and heartache of being single and lonely. A new path will begin to unravel!

I hope this makes sense and as usual, thanks for reading.

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Client Feedback

I am writing this testimonial to validate the wonderful services offered by Colin. When he asked me if I would put something on paper I was more than eager as I feel that everybody can gain from coaching. You need a skilled coach with genuine empathy and compassion and this is where Colin comes in. I was nervous when I first began as I had never done this before and was worried it wouldn't work. Over time the more I went into my challenges the more insight I experienced and now I am at a place where i truly believe I can accomplish anything. It did work.  Much more than a dating coach, Colin is like a mentor, a true saving grace for somebody that was in desperate need of guidance. I hope that this testimonial helps you to make a positive decision towards changing your life.

- Sammy, Sydney

Client Feedback

I highly recommend Colin to any person that needs a bit more guidance. Colin is a talented coach and caring and compassionate. I have passed on your details to several friends who are also benefiting from your services. I hope to keep in touch.

- Kristie, Gold Coast

Colin is a hard working and skilled coach who clearly cares about his clients. I would be happy to recommend him based on my own experience.

-Tracey, Sydney

Colin has been more helpful to me than I can express in words. He is professional in his approach and has helped me to find the type of relationship that I’ve always wanted. I was originally referred to him by a female friend who also had a brilliant experience. I am now passing on the referral as to others so the can get the same results. I highly recommend this service to any woman looking for help.

- Sharon, Adelaide