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Coaching and training is my life’s passion! Helping you to figure out relationships and to sort through the complex and frustrating dating scene. Sometimes dates can be flaky, unpredictable or just incompatible. It can be tough out there and even the most savvy of women can find themselves in need of some dating advice. If you would like to get this sorted and find a good man? – then I have the answers… Stay with me, we’ll do this together.

Dating And Relationship Advice For Women

Please feel free to browse around and make yourself at home. I regularly write dating articles on all sorts of topics from, attracting men, communication, break-ups, flirting, relationships and much much more. These can be found in my articles section. Go to: My Dating Articles

Dating Coaching Options

Make sure you also check out my coaching page. There are four options to choose from that will get you out there meeting and dating men who are right for you. I offer face to face coaching, phone coaching, online dating profile makeovers and live group workshops. Check Out My Dating Coaching

Finally below is my profile. This will tell you a little bit about myself, what I do, how I work, and most importantly my qualifications and experience. Life is too short to be unhappy and lonely. I hope you find this helpful and I am looking forward to working with you soon.


Having a passion for coaching and self-development, Colin is a personal life coach and trainer and has successfully applied his principles of success into building one of Australia’s largest and most respected Dating Coaching Companies. Colin works both with men and women and has the insights and experience to help you figure out how to meet, attract, and settle down with your ideal man. Featuring throughout the Australian media and written several books and countless articles on dating, Colin has years of experience working with clients, education in social science, and certificates in training and development.

“Working together we improve the current situation by clarifying what’s needed, generating fresh ideas, and setting goals & objectives. I take a hands-on approach to coaching and my coaching regimen involves weekly meetings, telephone conferences, journal-writing, homework, progress reports, feedback and accountability.”

Colin’s coaching principles and methodologies have continually proven to be effective in helping women to reach their dating goals. Improving your success with the opposite sex is not about changing yourself, but rather becoming your best self.

You will gain a large increase in both self-awareness and social-intelligence when working with Colin. What do men want? How do you get them to settle down? What is he thinking? How do I become more attractive to not just generate extra attention, but more importantly, the right type of attention?

Colin can help you to discover the answers you have been looking for and work together to create a stronger sense of being, clearer boundaries utilizing effective strategies to get you out there meeting and dating the right type of man. Your Ideal man!

We all need help once in a while and dating coaching is no different. Let’s get on this path together!