Since 2010 I have helped countless women (Australia Wide) to meet and attract and amazing life partner - the man they deserve.

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Top Dating Advice At Home

Dating Techniques for women

The Same Dating Strategy As Face-To-Face Coaching.

An extremely effective strategy for gaining expert advice and insight into dating and relationships. Similar to face-to-face coaching, sessions are held weekly or fortnightly within the comfort and convenience of your own home.

You can also combine phone/Skype coaching with your face-to-face strategy to mix things up. Both work well together to enhance your effectiveness with dating and relationships.

Sessions Last From 30 To 60 Minutes

It may not be in person but the same personal growth and insight takes place within these sessions. You will discover:

  • What men want
  • How to get a man to commit
  • What men think about love and romance
  • What attracts a good man

Phone/ Skype Coaching Is a High Gain Option

What have you got to lose and what do you have to gain?

  • Best ways to meet the type of men you feel attracted to
  • How to stop feeling old with no hope
  • Reopening the possibility of kids
  • Not being the single one anymore

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Your Sessions Include:

Tips For Online Dating

Dating Profile Makeover

Colin will help you create a profile that stands out and generates good quality emails. It's not just about getting a response but more importantly Colin will help you to generate the right response.

Preparing For The First Date

Ongoing Dating Guidance

Work through each dating scenario with the professional guidance of Colin. Discover how men think and if your date is interested. If you like this particular man, learn how to get him into a relationship.