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You Like Him But He Won’t Commit, And You’re Not Sure If He Is Interested In A Relationship.

He Wont CommitYou have being dating for a while and things are going well. You see each other several times per week, and he says he misses you, but what happens next? You want a relationship but he won’t commit!

He shows little to no interest in having a relationship and still keeps a large part of his life secret. Your friends have never met him – and you certainly have not met his! What’s the story, is he just passing time, or is there something more? This is a serious strain on your life and you hate not knowing.

Learn How To Get Him To Commit.

There are several strategies to determine if he is relationship material (and if so) what to do to encourage him. Some men are scared of commitment, and he may just need a guiding hand. If this is the case, I’ll teach you what to do. If on the other hand this is not a committed man, you must deal with him immediately, before wasting anymore time! We will work through this together.

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What are the signs, what are the signals that show his committed (or not)? Is he playing you, or is he generally interested but simply scared of commitment? You must know how to read the situation and what to do about it. Don’t waste another minute not knowing, there is a solution. Feel free to make contact and let’s get started.

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