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Featured Radio Segment on Triple J – Hack, June 2014

Online Dating Tips



Colin was one of the dating coaches featured on Triple J – Hack. This was a segment about hooking up and Colin gave tips for online dating. It was short but helpful… Listen to Colin’s tips on how to date safely online.


Listen Online Dating Tips

Featured Article OK Magazine October 2013 Edition

This time Colin was asked to give his view on finding love on reality TV. Does it work and what are the possible challenges of hooking up this way?

I would never say “no” to another avenue for meeting the love of your life and it seems that Reality TV has its place for couples to meet. The real concern is whether a relationship formed on the public arena is genuinely sustainable, or will it melt down the moment the spots lights are off…

I would argue that it’s not!

The buzz, the fuss, the emotion involved in reality TV places us into a heightened state, into feelings of euphoria, but at the same time disconnected from reality. Add into the mix two attractive individuals of the opposite sex and a couple is born – hopefully before a baby…

Call me a “cynic” but I strongly feel that reality TV couples are doomed from the start! Think of some examples that you have seen on shows such as Big Brother’s Jess and Marty or Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry who met on The Surreal Life. They couldn’t maintain a relationship – and there are countless others!

Life is more subdued than reality TV and when the buzz wears off, when nobody is watching and these couples settle into the routine of everyday living, they may just begin to feel that something is missing and maybe it’s time to move on. A sad reality really but that’s real life – excuse the pun!

Colin’s Contribution to Featured Article August 2013

First date tips By Dating Coach Colin Dubb

Colin’s contribution to an article titled Best Bars For a First Date. Read Colin’s dating advice to help you navigate  through that first date

You can check it out on the website.


Featured Article OK Magazine August 2013 Edition

Dating Coaching

An article written in the Australian version of OK Magazine and and the views of Colin in relation to older men dating younger women. Read Colin’s opinion.

I am all for the so called “male cougar” the older man dating a younger woman, and why wouldn’t I be? His needs get met and so do hers. Let me explain…

Men take longer to mature, to get to know themselves, to establish themselves personally, professionally and financially.

It goes back to attraction… What attracts a woman is a REAL man an emotionally strong and confident man, a man that has direction, certainty, a vision and purpose in life. This tends to come with age.

Like most celebrities the older man has achieved more and has a level of wisdom that only life experience can deliver. This is attractive!

Older men tend to have more money and this is important as it fills a need of hers for him to be the provider.

Younger men are still finding their feet and don’t yet offer the above traits. So men in their late 30’s to early 40’s are in demand!

On the flip side, what attracts a man to a woman is youth, buoyancy, the feeling of him being young again that only she can offer. Combined with a mature nature, a younger woman in her 20’s can be ideal.

It was featured in The Sydney Morning Herald with the heading, Bootcamp for 40-year-old virgins.

Dating advice for men

Looking for love? If you’re a guy, there’s no need to borrow an adorable puppy or cute baby to act as a chick-magnet. Dating coach Colin, 32, of Day Game Dating has designed a program to address what he calls the “disconnect” between men and women.

“Often a man won’t approach an attractive woman because he’s nervous and fearful of rejection. The woman perceives this as him not being interested in her,” says Colin. “Or, if he does go over to talk to her she may feel nervous and he interprets this as a brush-off. Both think the other doesn’t like them, which isn’t the case.”

But surely, men and women should instinctively know how to attract a partner?


Featured in The Weekend Australian Magazine March 2011 12-13 edition with the topic covered being Digital Dumping. Colin gave his opinion to Editor Greg Callaghan.

Pick up women seduction artists

WHEN Britney Spears dumped her then husband, fledgling rapper Kevin Federline, by text message back in 2006, a new depth in mobile phone etiquette (if it ever existed) had been plumbed.

Since then the practice of e-dumping has expanded to other platforms such as Facebook and to obnoxious websites where the newly ditched take revenge on their ex by posting everything from embarrassing emails to nude photos.  One wit described this as “instant gratification – and delayed mortification”.

“The most natural way to win a heart – or at the opposite extreme, to break up – is in the real world, not via a Facebook page, a text message, an email or tweet,” says Colin, founder of Day Game Dating, a service that teaches young men how to approach women for dates – during daylight hours, away from clubs and bars.


Colin Giving His Dating Advice And Insights To The Adelaide Now –  South Australian Media Publication.

Adelaide Now Paper Featuring Colin Dubb

This is an interesting take on a popular question asked by many single men and women. This was an interview performed in Adelaide. It’s fairly short but it shares some good insights.


As seen on the Channel 7 Morning Show with James Tobin.

Chaneel 7 featuring Colin Dubb With James Tobin

It was featured in The Daily Telegraph with the heading “Blokes – dump the wingman to snare Your lover”

How to get a girlfriend

FOR all the blokes who have tried and failed to pick up women using the Mystery Method or Wingman Technique, here is the latest dating advice – stop trying.
If that fails, then take a class. Men’s dating expert Colin offers bootcamps in which he teaches single men how to approach the ladies.


It was featured in The Wentworth Courier with the heading “Coach Spreads The Love”

find a girlfriend in Sydney Australia

February 14 can be the loneliest day of the year for the unlucky in love but one Bondi resident says he can help people change their fortunes.

Colin launched Day Game Dating in 2006 with the intention of teaching men how to meet and attract women.

“Some guys will come just out of a relationship, they know what they’re supposed to do but they’ve lost their confidence, others will come because they’ve never dated or haven’t dated for a very long time,” he said.