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Men Seem To Lose Interest And Pull Away

Men Losing InterestMen seem to lose interest after the first few dates, and this last one was no different. You thought things were going well, did you misread the situation, did you do something wrong, why did he lose interest – again?

In-fact there is a pattern of men pulling away and moving on. It seems like the more you like them the worse it gets. Trying makes no difference and nothing seems to work! Why is it always such a struggle when it comes to dating and relationships?

There Is A Solution And You Don’t Deserve To Be Single!

The answer can be found in the word “pattern”.

You are most likely playing out two common patterns. Try to reflect and see if it makes sense.

  1. You are attracted to and dating the wrong types of men.
  2. You are playing out some form of self-sabotaging behavior, a common patten based on fear – even when it’s a good fit!

If you think about it, you are probably scared on some level, scared of being hurt, losing your freedom, or something more serious. The point, is that you can break through and move on to forming better relationships – and ultimately finding “The One“. You must work through and change these patterns if you are to have success.

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Men losing interest is a common problem with many of the women that I meet. Sometimes this can be fixed, other times it is better to start fresh. The fact is that this is a pattern and all patterns can be broken. You don’t need to spend your life worried that he will lose interest and leave. Let’s get this part of your life sorted, let’s do this together. I have worked with tons of women that have overcome this very issue, some found it easy, others more challenging, but they all fixed it! Feel free to make contact anytime and we’ll get you sorted.

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